Atlas Copco -Const & Mining  offer a distinctive range of road construction equipment. Road construction equipment include rollers, pavers, planers, light equipment and concrete equipment. Rollers from Atlas Copco -Const & Mining are available in different models such as single drum soil compactors, tandem asphalt rollers, combi rollers, static rollers and compaction control systems. Single drum soil compactors are suitable for compacting different soil types. These rollers can be used for a diverse range of applications including road constructions, industrial constructions, airfields, dam constructions and harbour projects. Tandem asphalt rollers from Atlas Copco -Const & Mining comprise of features such as vibration dampened platforms, swivel seats, roll over protective structures and logically sorted controls.

Pavers from Atlas Copco -Const & Mining include Dynapac pavers and Svedala Demaq pavers. Dynapac pavers possess working widths ranging from 0.3 metres to 13.5 metres. These pavers are known for reliability, versatility and durability. Dynapac PL350T series of small planers consist of standard front wheel drive unit. These planers have been specifically designed for removing asphalt pavements. The small size of planers enables these to be used even inside buildings. Different types of light equipment, offered by Atlas Copco -Const & Mining, include forward soil plates, forward asphalt plates, rammers, duplex rollers, forward and reversible plates and trench compactors.