Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ)  provides showers in different sizes and shapes. Different showers include two walled showers, three walled showers, angled front showers and curved front showers. Reflection series of showers possess length and breadth of 950 millimetres and 800 millimetres, while Boutique series have length and breadth averaging to 950 millimetres and 950 millimetres. Commander series of showers from Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) possess total length and breadth of 900 millimetres and 950 millimetres. Vitaliser series of showers have length and breadth ranging to 950 millimetres and 1000 millimetres. Vivido series of showers, provided by Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ), have total length and breadth averaging to 1050 millimetres and 1050 millimetres.

Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) supplies shower systems in conjunction with a diverse range of components including tile over base that acts as a shower tray, integrated waste outlet, tile over wall membrane, fitting materials and components and complete toughened glass screens. These toughened glass screens include doors and fittings. Various types of integrated tiled shower systems from Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) include Omega, Freeform and EasyTile Classic series. EasyTile Classis series include standard hob and level entry shower systems, while Omega series comprise of splash diverter in combination with the shower system.