Atlam Designer Laminates  is the distributor of Australis Cabinet doors. It supplies timber, vinyl and painted cabinet doors. Australis solid timber doors supplied by Atlam Designer Laminates are available in varied ranges including square, arched, double arched, Adelaide range, ultra range, solid timber with laminate panel, V joint and ply panels. Timber doors distributed by Atlam Designer Laminates comprises of timber floating panel, flush back centre panel and rubber buffers in stiles. Interior frame profile present in timber doors allows easy penetration of stain or lacquer.

DigitalPrint on laminates is possible because of its durability, resistance, practical and hygienic qualities. It finds usage in building industry for cladding large surfaces. It can be used for large decorative surfaces, interior designing and also for signs and communication. Laminates from Atlam Designer Laminates are durable and ideally suited for exterior design applications.

DigitalPrint on laminates by Atlam Designer Laminates helps interior designers to create diverse range of flat or curved surfaces. Each surface consists of a high resolution multi coloured print décor in varied patterns.