Atkar Group presents a new way to add colour to your interior projects: Vogl Colour. Atkar’s new acoustic plasterboard is here and ready to make an impact. With only a topcoat required after installation, combined with the smarter, faster and better VoglFuge process, Vogl Colour is a quicker way to add colour to your next project.

Vogl Colour gives you the choice to select different colours to the finishing coat, inner perforation, and fleece colour. That’s right – you can even select the colour of the inner surfaces of the perforations. Vogl Colour is an extremely customisable product that also offers high acoustic properties and saves a huge amount of time on site.

Now add colour to a space effectively and quickly with impactful design outcomes – without blowing the budget. Whether you add colour to a small feature or to the whole ceiling, your options are endless.

As the major stockists of Vogl products in Australia, Atkar adds yet another innovative product to their already extensive range of acoustic linings and ceilings.

Vogl Colour palette

Vogl Colour can be supplied in any colour from the RAL colour wheel – rest assured, there will be a colour to suit your project.

How are the perforations coloured?

Usually, the inner part of the perforation is white due to the Gypsum core, but with Vogl Colour this is coloured in during the manufacturing process. When selecting a colour for the inner perforations, select a pattern that has large perforations so you can see the colour more clearly.

What colour is the fleece?

The fleece backing comes in a standard black or white colour, but there is an option to colour-match it to a custom colour of your choice.

What are the pattern options?

This product is made to order so we can create completely custom patterns or block perforations – the choice is yours. We currently offer 9 different patterns in the standard VoglFuge.

What is the install process for Vogl Colour?

The outer layer of Vogl Colour panels is raw, with a finishing coat by a painter required on site once installed.

Installing Vogl Colour is identical to the installation of VoglFuge. It doesn’t use the traditional compound filler method; instead it’s installed using a patented joint strip system that is not only easier and faster to install, but also offers maximum crack resistance.

What is the lead time?

The choices are endless with Vogl Colour, allowing you to select from any colour in the RAL colour chart for the fleece, perforation, and board colour. As this is a super customisable product, each panel is made to order and manufactured by the Germany-based Vogl. Please speak to your Atkar Consultant to find out more.

Is there a minimum quantity?

There is no minimum quantity when ordering Vogl Colour, but the more you order the lower the price it will be per board. Speak to a member of our team to find out what solution best suits your project.

Want to find out more about Vogl Colour?

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