Vogl (also known as Vogl Deckensysteme) is a high quality ceiling system designed to change the way we think about plasterboard ceilings.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, Vogl ceiling systems combine a modern aesthetic with high functionality. So you can now have elegant design with the right acoustic properties for your project along with a quicker install. It’s truly where design meets function.

Backed by over 50 years of experience, Vogl products are of the highest quality and have been tried and tested across Europe.

As a key distributor of Vogl products in Australia, Atkar Group proudly brings these innovative and sophisticated products to a new market. Atkar’s unmatched solutions, support and service perfectly align with Vogl and their commitment to help customers with the best possible outcomes while adding value to any space.

German designed

Vogl products are manufactured using state-of-the-art production facilities in the small town of Emskirchen in Germany. Focussed on gypsum plasterboard and sheet metal, Vogl continuous to push the boundaries of acoustic solutions that are well-designed and preferred by architects and builders.

Vogl products

Atkar currently offers two Vogl ceiling systems in Australia.

Vogl Fuge: Seamless acoustic plasterboard ceiling system

The revolution in joint finishing began in 2004 when Vogl Fuge was launched in Europe. This complete system was quick, reliable and clean, and brand new to the perforated seamless ceiling linings market. It is the only seamless plasterboard acoustic ceiling to be installed without filler.

While the appearance may be similar, Vogl Fuge is not like other seamless acoustic plasterboard ceilings. The smarter joint system in Vogl Fuge allows faster installation and offers maximum crack resistance, making it the better choice for your next project.

Vogl Toptec: Acoustic plaster ceiling system

Vogl Toptec is a specialised acoustic plaster ceiling system that delivers a smooth surface without visible perforations. It’s the perfect solution for achieving a clean and contemporary look with acoustic benefits. Vogl Toptec is monolithic too – without any visible joins, it has a completely seamless look.