How do you quickly and accurately find the BCA Group Rating required for your project? What Group Rating does your wall or ceiling lining need to be?

You can find it in the BCA Deemed-to-Satisfy Provision Specification C1.10, which outlines the requirements but can be difficult to read. To simplify the process, Atkar Group has developed the Wall & Ceiling Lining Materials Group Rating Calculator, an easy-to-use online tool that uses data straight from Specification C1.10, and allows you to quickly and accurately find the group rating required based on your project details.

Search by Class Number or Building Classification, enter your project details and instantly see your minimum group rating.

Atkar Group offers a large range of fire compliant acoustic and architectural linings with Group Rating certificates, allowing you to achieve both aesthetic and functional objectives in your design.

To address the market demand for fire compliant products, Atkar has also introduced a new range of non-combustible solutions with various finishes and profiles that are suitable for use in external and internal applications.