The Inluxe Colour range of premium two-pack surface finishes from Atkar is showcased at the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre on the acoustic panelling installed in the building.

Atkar Au.diPanel acoustic panels installed in the library feature various Inluxe Colour finishes of blue, purple and orange hues, delivering a complete integrated colour scheme and excellent acoustic control. The interior project used a combination of drilled panels and matte finished solid panels, with the Inluxe Colour panels integrating perfectly with design features such as furnishings, floor coverings and services.

Atkar’s brand new Inluxe Colour range of premium two-pack surface finishes includes a standard selection of 20 colours. Designers can also enjoy almost limitless colour possibilities, easily matched to their choice from subtle pastels, vivid primaries, clears, metallic and even pearlescent. Additionally, they can specify the required gloss levels and also get panel edge profiles finished to uniformly match the panel face.

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