Atdec, a leading visual display mounting company, offers business and home users alike a sleek and stylish new flat panel TV mounting solution with the introduction of its Telehook TH-37-63-AWM - wall articulated arm mount.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM is a versatile and flexible flat panel TV mounts on the market today allowing for a vast range of motion including lateral movement, a 180-degree pan from the wall, an adjustable tilt of +/- 15-degrees, and a low profile design that folds flat against the wall.

“Atdec has always believed in a combination of product versatility, advanced design and stylish looks for our flat panel TV mounts and the new Telehook TH-37-63-AWM continues this proud tradition,” said Jerome Green, Director of Atdec.

“The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM is an absolutely elegant mounting solution that is perfect for any business or home and offers some of the most advanced mounting features on the market today.”

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM is designed for mounting LCD and plasma displays and monitors 37” to 63” in size in public spaces, retail environments and for display, advertising and commercial use, as well as in the home.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM features twin articulating arms, providing good strength and greater adjustment capabilities.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM has a maximum distance from the wall of 715mm (28”) and a minimum distance to the wall of 190mm (7 ½”).

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM features a lateral arm adjustment at the wall plate which allows the arm to be mounted offset from the centre of the wall plate, increasing the unit’s mounting applications.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM is specifically designed for easy installation.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM features a unique self-centring universal mount interface that allows the installer to quickly and easily configure the bracket to match the display’s mounting hole pattern, saving valuable installation time.

In addition, the Telehook TH-37-63-AWM ships with a self adhesive drilling template with a handy dust collection pocket to catch any mess from the drilling process.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM also features a spring supported tilting mechanism making tilt adjustment a simple, hassle-free procedure, a strong die-cast aluminium construction capable of holding up to 91kgs (200lbs) and a sophisticated integrated cable management system that allows data and power cables to be separated reducing electro-magnetic interference.

The Telehook TH-37-63-AWM supports VESA and non-VESA compliant displays with mounting hole patterns from 200mm to 760mm (8” x 30”) in width and 200mm to 610mm (8” x 24”) in length.