Available now from Astec Paints Australasia, Sumolac anti graffiti coating is a two component polyurethane clear finish designed for application on most construction materials to achieve a graffiti resistant surface.

Sumolac anti graffiti coating is a specially formulated finish that has been heavily modified to repel graffiti and make its removal a simple and safe process, particularly if it needs to be repeated.

Most importantly, Sumolac anti graffiti coating's performance will not degrade, even after repeated offences and its subsequent removal.

Substrates suitable for the application of Sumolac anti graffiti coating include:

  • bus shelters
  • buses
  • commercial buildings
  • concrete block
  • construction industry
  • fences
  • fibro cement
  • galvenised metal
  • rail cars
  • tilt up concrete
  • toilet blocks; and
  • transport industries.