Heat and moisture are the two main contributing factors that accelerate the degradation of exterior coatings.  In Australia, some dark roofing can start to degrade, change colour and fade within three years.  

Energy Star roof coatings have increased durability and life expectancy compared with conventional paints.

Heat generated by Solar Radiation from the sun is a major factor in roof coating degradation, especially in dark colours. For example, on the colour of Slate Grey, independent laboratory testing to ASTM standards confirm Energy Star’s Solar Reflectance Indexes of 241% greater than normal paints.  Energy Star will remain cool even in black.  After exposure to 2800 hours of UVB 313/Moisture testing, the gloss, depth of colour, adhesion and film integrity remained unchanged.  This increased its performance by more than 400% compared to a standard roofing acrylic.  

Moisture is the second major factor in degradation of roof coating, especially in water-based acrylic products.  Atmospheric moisture enters the film and swells the coating, greatly reducing its life. Because the silicones used in Energy Star inhibit the entry of moisture into the coating film, the coating does not swell.   

Environmental dirt pick-up affects the appearance of your roof.  Energy Star incorporates Astec Dirtguard technology, which causes the roof surface to stay clean longer, a necessary requirement for maximum retention of the solar reflectivity.  The nano-particles of Dirtguard technology provide an extremely tight surface pack, ensuring dirt will not become lodged within the cured film.  

The cured film is tough and flexible and, because it remains cool, will last eight times longer than conventional coatings. All Energy Star coatings from Astec Paints are Good Environmental Choice Australia certified.