Astec Paints Australasia  offers a range of heat reflective paints for building exteriors.  

The extreme summer heat in Stirling North, near Port Augusta prompted Rex Werlick to paint the Colorbond roof of his unusual hexagonal house with Energy Star EC 100 Dirt Guard, a heat reflective coating. This was after experiencing how effective it was on the roof of his caravan.  

Mr Werlick is delighted to report that there has been no need to turn on the air conditioning until mid afternoon, even on the hottest days.   

“It’s definitely been 8-10 degrees cooler inside the house this year,” he says, and now plans to apply the Astec heat reflective paint for the exterior Hardiplank walls before next summer.    

Mr Werlick chose the most accredited heat reflective paint coating for maximum results, available in 44 different Energy Star colours ranging from pastels and neutrals like Colorbond Smooth Cream to fashionable darker shades such as Cobalt and Blue Grass.  

Astec’s exclusive Dirt Guard technology provides excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick-up in the dusty conditions of the current drought.   

EC 100 heat reflective coating may also be used as a crack-bridging, elastomeric membrane, which will provide a waterproof seal for concrete and ply decks as well as metal, asbestos and cement tiled roofing.