Heat-absorbing roofing and walls have all contributed to the exponential growth of Global warming as consumers use greater amounts of energy in keeping their homes cool.  

By using Astec Energy Star Infrared Heat Reflective exterior coatings and textures, consumers can increase the energy efficiency of their homes or business premises and make an effective contribution to the global environment.  An Australian made product for our unique environmental conditions.  

Astec Energy Star IR Elastic, as used on The Ocean Isles at Cotton Tree QLD, together with their Dirtguard technology, will reduce exterior surface temperatures, lower power consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Solar radiation accelerated weathering tests [to ASTM standards] has proved the significant advantage of Energy Star paints and textures when compared with conventional exterior acrylics.   

Heat generated by solar radiation is also the major factor in accelerating the degradation of exterior coatings so that, in Australia’s harsh climate, Energy Star IR Elastic will not only remain cool [even in dark colours] but has properties such a very high SRI 113.89, is crack bridging with elongation to 660% - reinforced, 1400%, is a waterproof membrane, resistant to Co2’s, low temp. flexibility to -20 C, and is a low VOC water-based acrylic. Colour and product will last eight times longer than all conventional acrylic paints.

The lower solar absorbency values of Astec Energy Star paints and textures do not merely comply with section J of the BCA, as detailed in Rod Johnston’s Electronic Blueprint report, but go even further to show very high infrared reflectivity ratings. 

Energy Star paints and textures are a hot tip for a cooler house.