Astec Paints Australasia  offers a range of heat reflective paints formulated to improve the thermal performance of buildings.  

Making heat reflective paint choices at the start of any project will go a long way in enhancing its thermal performance.  

The exterior paint, texture and finish of the building are the first points of contact for heat and the degrading effects of the sun. Any insulating material chosen for the building only addresses the heat that has already transmitted through the roof and walls.  

It is important for designers and builders to consider the thermal performance of their building ahead of other design considerations, specifically the thermal performance of their exterior paint.  

Energy Star heat reflective coatings chosen as the exterior paint finish for the roof and walls will greatly enhance the thermal performance of the building.  

All aspects of the Energy Star paint range including solar absorbance and emissivity figures have been tested and approved by the Building Codes of Australia. The use of energy-efficient heat reflective coatings with CodeMark can help to resolve typical industry issues such as: 

  • Eliminating the need for bulk insulation where space is at a premium
  • Cost saving at construction phase by removing duplication of effort
  • Ongoing cost savings for the structure in energy bills

Proven performance of heat reflective coatings has enabled Energy Star to achieve legislated product acceptance by building control authorities in addition to several accreditations and certifications.   

Certifiers across Australia can now safely and confidently rely on CodeMark-certified Energy Star heat reflective coatings.  

Energy Star heat reflective coatings are available in a choice of 44 colours