Energy Star range of paints and texture from Astec Paints Australasia are comprehensive and offer high performance.

Twelve exterior heat reflective coatings developed to coat the widest variety of substrates are available as paints, waterproof membranes, elastomeric waterproof membranes, roofing membranes and textures, all with the Good Environmental Choice Australia certification. Astec Paints Australasia are also an EPA partner.

Astec Paints Australasia follow a higher level of quality control for each of their products.

Astec Paints Australasia assure that the product that is applied today will perform exactly as first tested. Astec Paints Australasia reproduce the same results each time, offering the temperature reductions as tested for each of the available 44 colour options. Astec Paints Australasia have test data for each of the 44 colours.

Astec’s Energy Star is a comprehensively tested and certificated heat reflective paint with a recorded Solar Reflectance Index Data of over 133.00.

While choosing products such as paints, customers must make informed decisions by looking at the product’s technical test data and recorded performance as these results are from reputable laboratories and sources. Each colour will have its own reflectance and absorbance data.