Absorbance values of Energy Star exterior elastomeric protective coatings,  paints and textures for walls, roofing and trims are being used by energy raters  in verification software such as Energy Plus [for commercial properties] and Accurate [for domestic properties].  They are also being used in the new version of Bears Pro.

Mr Rod Johnston’s (of Electronic Blueprint) reports details where the low solar absorbency values of Astec Energy Star products comply with section J of the BCA.  Every colour in each product has been independently tested and certified by Amdel and Underwriters’ Laboratories. 

The use of Energy Star data in verification software - whole building must meet requirements versus Deem to Satisfy - each part must meet requirements – has delivered proven results:  

  • reduction in glass thickness of that originally specified 
  • reduced, or nil, mass insulation requirement in domestic and commercial buildings [zone 1 and 2].

These are real cost saving, energy saving advantages to the builder, developer.  Energy Raters are currently using our Energy Star data for developments especially in Zone 1 and 2.  

Astec Energy Star Infrared Heat Reflective protective coatings all with Dirtguard technology will reduce exterior surface temperatures, lower power consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.  Independent testing has shown that Energy Star White has a SRI rating in excess of 113. (44 colours including very dark choices such as Charcoal and Slate grey). 

Solar Radiation accelerated weathering tests to ASTM standards show significant advantages in using Energy Star compared with conventional exterior acrylics.  Less substrate damage from solar radiation also means that the building exterior retains its aesthetic appeal far longer than with conventional paints.