Assured Health & Safety specialise in occupational health and safety, quality assurance and environmental procedures for the tradesmen, builders, construction companies and other associated industries.

Assured Health and Safety offers ISO 14001 accreditation, an International Standard for environmental impacts on projects.  The company recommends becoming ISO 14001 certified to ensure businesses operate to the best practices for the environment possible and are the preferred contractor in a tender process.

Currently a requirement for national state and local government projects, certification for the ISO 14001 environmental impact assessments is done in to stages. The first stage is to have the system implemented, documented and operating within a company. The second stage if required involves having it audited by "third party auditors" to ensure it meets the necessary requirements.

A certified system ensures that companies reach the highest environmental safety standards and criteria.  The Australian Government has introduced a Building and Construction Accreditation Scheme ensuring that all of its principal contractors are certified in government funded projects.