Asset Systems  has years of experience as consultants and contractors in construction, mining, aquatic and petroleum industries. Asset Systems has gained its reputation for providing practical yet innovative solutions in designing, repair and maintenance related issues.

Asset Systems is based in Perth, Western Australia. The team members at Asset Systems are experts in supplying materials and application techniques. Structural concrete repair and protection is one of the sectors where Asset Systems provides concrete replacements, steel corrosion passivation and protection, surface repair and protection, structural crack repair by pressure injection, concrete water proofing and expansion joint repair and rebuilding.

Asset Systems provides coating and lining where the company supplies and offers installation of corrosion, high temperature, impact, wear resistant and water proof lining and coating with epoxy, polyurea, urethane and glass flakes.

Crisis water proofing from Asset Systems is used for crack repairs in leaking ceilings, basements, seawalls and concrete dams. The crisis water proofing is also flexible sealing for cracks to accommodate any structural movement by polyurethane pressure grouting. Asset Systems offers a non shrink cementitous and epoxy product names as precisions structural grouting, used for pumps, gas turbines, alternators, compressors, rods and ball mills, and also over sensitive equipments.