Asset Systems  is leading its way in the production of spray polyurea products and installation methods. Asset Systems does mineral resource operations and provides effective solutions in maintenance companies and to government utilities with problems related to surface corrosion, containment, waterproofing and wears.

The polyurea surface coating and lining provided from Asset Systems has ultra fast cure properties that radically minimises the shutdown time. These polyureas from Asset Systems are elastomeric products having great impact, it can tear and elongate properties that would suit to various high abuse applications where a substrate movement is expected. These polyureas from Asset Systems are ideal for concrete, steel, geo-membranes and timbers.

Asset Systems provides polyureas that is eco friendly with not as much of odour and the gelling time takes about 5 to 20 seconds. Asset Systems also provide fire resistant and abrasion polyurea lining system. KING-GUARD FLEX is one such fire resistant polyurea product available from Asset Systems.

There are different types of KING-GUARD FLEX, such as KING_GUARD FLEX FR, KING_GUARD FLEX 5000, KING_GUARD FLEX 6080, KING_GUARD FLEX 6040 and FLEXITUFF. The fire resistant liquid is a chemical containment bund lining like diesel which is a hydrocarbon. It can be used over concrete and steel structures which is a primary and secondary containment.