The Australian branch of the world's largest lock company, Assa Abloy , is Assa Abloy Australia, which fulfills all the security needs of the state, be it a residential complex or a commercial enterprise. This company offers locks, security systems including keying systems and accessories.

To choose an Assa Abloy lock for a home, first it must be determined what the lock is to be used for, which could be a door, window, wall or a gate. If one is looking for a lock for doors, the kind of door has to be considered i.e. it could be a sliding door or a bi-folding door.

If it is a sliding door, Assa Abloy gives the option to choose a pull handle, a lock or a bolt. Once this is determined, a number of products and their prices can then be provided. Various choices are provided in all other categories as well.

As seen earlier, Assa Abloy provides solutions to very specific security problems. In a commercial enterprise, the category of keying systems is introduced. Here, one may choose the generation six restricted security system or the lockwood twin high security system, according to individual requirements. Similarly, locks are available for doors, windows, gates and sheds.

Apart from these, accessories such as wall hooks and door stops are also available at Assa Abloy in a variety of styles to suit various decor.