Lockwood Security Products has released its first remote entry system for residential usage, the Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset with the handheld Q-Key remote.

The remote has a 3m range and uses encrypted rolling code technology to maintain security. This means that if a remote is lost or stolen all previously recorded remotes can be erased and new remotes programmed to the lockset.

The Nexion lockset is powered by four replaceable alkaline AA batteries thus eliminating any wiring for the lock which is fitted within the door, with the batteries secured behind a housing to restrict unauthorised access.

The lock also provides audible and visual confirmation of its activation as Lockwood has employed its LockAlert status indicator in the Nexion which uses a colour code system to display the status of the lock with SecureMode (red), SafetyMode (yellow) or PassageMode (green).

The lockset, which can also be opened using a traditional key, features a SafetyRelease function, automatically releasing the internal handle on entry and reducing the risk of being locked in during an emergency in the home.

The Nexion comes in a range of finishes and handle styles to suit a range of building and architectural needs and is designed for fitting to hinged timber doors.

Source: Building Products News.