When safety is prioritised for store entrances, should design freedom and convenience be compromised? Not necessarily. Entrance solutions available in the market adapt themselves so naturally to shoppers and staff that they are only noticed thanks to their convenience.

Safe shopping, safe work environment

Safety is an important factor that needs to be considered when selecting automated door solutions for retail stores. Since customers and staff members will be passing through the entrance, it’s important to keep them safe. Automatic sliding doors should open and close at the right time and at a comfortable speed, regardless of the age or physical condition of the person walking through the entrance.

Anti-burglar protection

Store owners have to be prepared when it comes to securing their shops against burglary. Locks and doors that follow Resistance Class certifications, such as RC2 and RC3, are certified by a third party and make for a wise investment.

There’s no need to turn your store into a fortress when choosing your security systems. Customers should feel welcome and staff members should not feel like you’ve burdened them with extra work. Burglary protection measures should be simple procedures that can easily be carried out as part of a regular workday.

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