Selecting an automatic door for the main entrance to your building depends on a few factors, which you will need to consider before making a decision. Will a revolving door work better for your building or is an automatic sliding door a more practical choice?

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Australia has listed out a few simple points to help you make an informed decision on your door choice.

Function, location and placement

The first consideration is the function of the building. What is the building used for, and who will use it? The location and placement of the building and entrances also play an important role: For instance, an exposed coastal location or a sheltered position in the woods will affect the wind load on the doors, and impact access control. Finally, your door choice also needs to address budget and safety considerations.

Control and flexibility

Revolving doors are ideal for commercial and public spaces including hotels, offices, large convenience stores, municipal facilities, and high-ceilinged buildings such as cinemas and theatres. Revolving doors not only look impressive but are also ideal for climate, draft and noise control. A revolving door assists with controlled flow of people as it allows one person at a time to enter or exit. Additionally, these doors are very effective in keeping pests such as insects and mice out.

Smaller entrances and emergency exits

Automatic sliding doors are perfect for smaller entrances, especially in low height spaces. Quiet and reliable, automatic sliding doors allow quick, unhindered access to people entering the building. From a practical standpoint, automatic sliding doors are ideal as an effective emergency route since the width of the opening allows more people to exit at the same time unlike the smaller revolving doors. To meet fire safety building regulations, sliding doors can be installed to supplement a revolving door.