Space is always a premium in real estate projects, especially so in commercial buildings where every square metre needs to be used to its full potential.

Business owners cannot afford to restrict the flow of customers into their establishments. However, they can optimise their entranceway to maximise space, and achieve a higher visitor count. There are several automatic door solutions, including revolving doors and balance doors that can help them do so.

Revolving doors

Revolving doors are not really considered as space-savers but their benefits flow into the building itself.

Revolving doors eliminate draughts, maintaining a steady temperature. In offices, this means the reception can be located much closer to the entrance, reducing empty space and allowing reception areas to be more functional.

Revolving doors control the flow of traffic in retail outlets and shopping malls, so that shoppers don’t feel crowded in as they enter. These doors also maximise the commercial space and conserve energy in air conditioning.

Balance doors

Narrow passages where space around the entrance is limited are perfect for balance doors as they incorporate the best features of swing doors and sliding doors. Smaller retail stores have limited space for their shopfronts and getting customers in and out can be a nightmare on busy days. These outlets need to be able to maximise their yield by equipping their premises for rush periods.

When shoppers are frustrated with the layout of a retail outlet, it reflects poorly on the brand and reduces the chance of repeat business.

Balance doors offer a balanced solution to save space without compromising on access, strength or security. Swing doors with a 180-degree opening angle also enable smooth traffic flow in narrow passages.