Asphalt roof tiles from Asphalt Shingle Roofing Company are rust free, hail resistant and provide increase soundproofing, and best of all they are simple to install.

These roof tiles are lightweight, coming in at 17kg/m² compared to 80kg/m² for some roof tiles, which make stress on the builidng significantly less.

The lightweight and low profile architectural shape and clean lines of a roof with asphalt roof tiles is only half of the story, however.  It is what is under these roof tiles that creates a unique roof system that is hard to beat.

Cladding the roof with bond structural plywood provides an extremely strong and lightweight structure that not only provides a secure roof space, but prevents dust and vermin entry and provides the perfect cladding for that much wanted attic room or storage space.

Furthermore, installing a TV aerial, cleaning the gutters, or investing in a solar system is a breeze with a team of workers being able to walk over the roof with no hassle.