The patented ASP Air-Controlled Access Floors system is specifically designed to minimise and control the amount of air leakage to access floors.

This innovative air controlled access flooring system incorporates the use of a clip on air tight stringer that acts as a barrier in between the panels to eliminate air leakage.

This air controlled access floor system has already revolutionised the access floor industry, having been incorporated in various multi-million dollar projects including:
  • ANZ Headquarters, Docklands VIC
  • Westpac Head Office, Sydney NSW
  • Bendigo Bank, Bendigo VIC
  • Channel 7, Sydney NSW
  • South Australia Water, Adelaide SA
Key design features and efficiency benefits
  • inbuilt expansion joint and cut-out
  • 4 corner screw panel
  • cavity/clip insert
  • modular design
  • cost effective solution to achieving an air controlled environment
  • dramatically cuts installation time
  • individually control the air pressure and temperature
The system is suitable for various applications such as general offices, banks, learning institutions, libraries, casinos, and 5 and 6 Green Star Rated buildings and projects.

ASP Access Floors has many other international patents, patents pending and designs which include:
  • S Series under structure system
  • Access floor assembly and components
  • Adjustable and lockable pedestal for an access floor assembly
  • Noise attenuating and vibration dampering pedestal for an access floor assembly
  • Air Highway Stringer and underfloor air ducting system
  • Power and data mounting bracket for an access floor assembly
  • Earthing connector for an access floor panel
  • Head for an access floor pedestal
  • Access floor panel