ASKO Appliances (Australia)  offers washing machine W 6362 model, a drop-down door washing machine, where doors can be opened during the washing process. It is built with a program memory. The door will be opened automatically once the program ends.

The washing machine W6362 model features a front loading drop down door, available in white and titanium shades. The W6362 is programmed for heavy wash, normal wash, auto wash, synthetic wash, quick wash, hand wash, and for white, colour and wool wash. It can also rinse, drain, and spin.

W6362 washing machine has various options for temperature with cold, 30 °C, 40 °C, 50 °C, 60 °C, and 95 °C. The spinning speed can also be controlled with options like no spin, no drain, variable spin from 400 -1600 rpm. The W6362 model has high water level and can give two extra rinses. This W6362 model has a capacity of 50 – liter drum and can wash 6kg of clothes. ASKO Appliances (Australia) has modeled W6362 washing machine with microprocessor control unit, sensisave, temperature sensor, balance control, and a fuzzy logic that can control water intake, temperature and program for minimum consumption.

The W6362 model is manufactured with Quattro smartseal has 307mm opening, and it is certified by ISO 9001. ASKO Appliances (Australia) offers durable household products and effective service to its customers.

There are different types of washing machines available to suit customer requirements. Every washing machine comes along with a code for easy identification. The different models of washing machines available at ASKO Appliances (Australia) are washing machine W6362, washing machine W6342, washing machine W6222, and W6451.