ASKO Appliances (Australia)  provides a wide range of dishwasher models suitable for customers with various requirements. The different models of dishwashers available are D3730, D3630, D3530, D3152, D3231, D3122, D3132, and D3900.

The dishwashers have unique features in their identity. As for D3730 dishwasher it is built in and is fully integrated, programmed for normal, heavy, quick, delicate washes, and to rinse and hold. D3730 dishwasher from ASKO Appliances (Australia) has a drying system and cleaning system with AquaLevel sensor.

Dishwasher D3630 is another type of dish wash model from ASKO Appliances (Australia), it is a built in dishwasher made from stainless and programmed for auto, heavy, normal, mix washes, rinse and hold. It has a capacity of 14 place setting and certified with ISO 14001 environmental accreditation.

D 3530 is another type of dishwasher available from ASKO Appliances (Australia). It is manufactured with a fully integrated system, and comes with individual doors, and titanium control panel. D 3900 is also a model of dishwasher from ASKO Appliances (Australia), it is professional dishwasher providing a sanrinse program uses 85ºC for its final wash. This is a flexible machine which can be used for semi commercial applications that provide occasional food and beverages, places like Motels, gyms, hair dressers, kinder garden and many more.

ASKO Appliances (Australia) has showroom outlets and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.