ASKO Appliances (Australia)  offers drying cabinet DC7171 model. The drying cabinet can dry any type of garment. The DC7171 is large and can hold special racks in the inside of the door for gloves, hats and wet swim wears.

Currently ASKO Appliances (Australia) provides the only domestic drying cabinet in the market. The drying cabinet can dry almost everything, products like shoes, boots, coats, damp sports gear, delicate silk and linen garments in less than two hours.

The DC7171 is available in white colour and it is programmed fro normal and medium temperature. It can also air fluff and is time programmed. The DC7171 can hold 3.5 kg of cotton laundry. The door can be reversed from left to right hanging.

ASKO Appliances (Australia) is a supplier of high quality household goods to the Australian market. The unique characteristic of ASKO Appliances (Australia) include durability for its products, the products have Scandinavian quality and has individual functional design.

ASKO Appliances (Australia) is a global brand, it can be found in approximately 20 countries around the world and customers can visit the website for product details.