ASKIN Performance Panels ticked all the boxes for Portable Buildings Brisbane (PBB) when it came to finding a reliable panel supplier for their portable cool rooms.

A family owned and operated business specialising in the manufacture and production of portable and modular buildings, PBB saw an opportunity to expand their business model into building portable cool rooms. However, when they started late in 2018, they struggled with finding a reliable panel supplier.

PBB owner Randall Freeman recalled that panel suppliers were unable to provide accurately cut panels, or didn’t offer a ‘kit room’ option, which meant PBB would have to cut the panels themselves, involving time and money.

“We were looking for a quality panel product when we were introduced to ASKIN,” says Freeman. “The ASKIN Kit Room system really was attractive for us, and we’ve been using them ever since.”

When ordering a Kit Room from ASKIN, PBB supplies the measurements and the ASKIN design and drafting team provides a detailed drawing ensuring best practice materials and construction methodology. Once approved, PBB is given an easy to assemble cool room kit, which can include a floor if required, and walls, ceilings and doors. The kit is also inclusive of fixings, sealants and all consumables required to follow the detailed installation plan provided.

For PBB, the Kit Room process considerably simplifies their efforts while helping them save both time and money in assembly. Panels from ASKIN Interiors with an EPS-FR core and COLORBOND Permagard colour were used to assemble the cool room kits.