ASI  have recently received accolades for their role in the fit-out of the Melbourne showroom for Italian motorcycle designer, Ducati.

This was Ducati’s first store in Melbourne and they wanted it to stand as their significant showroom. World MotoGP champion and Ducati rider, Australian Casey Stoner, opened the store the day after his win at Phillip Island.

Feedback from representatives from Ducati International was that the store has fine fit-out they have seen worldwide for Ducati. This was particularly encouraging for ASI and highlighted their capabilities across the industry.

ASI work closely with appointed designers to introduce product ranges and highlight their distinct characteristics and advantages to clients. Discussions followed with Ducati’s appointed designer, Kristine Piggford, Principal of FMSA Interiors.

Kristine Piggford comments, “Our aim was to make the bikes the heroes so we kept the design elements and colour palette quite minimal, with an emphasis on red and white with charcoal and silver to add a sophisticated mechanical feel so that the bikes stood out.”

“We had a reasonably tight timeline and budget and ASI was excellent from that perspective. I particularly liked Thinline because it was both flexible and allowed us to introduce a super-graphic.

“We created a wall with a dramatic bike rider image which is exciting and aspirational for customers. We used Climb for the helmet wall as it was a neat, minimal, recessed way of presenting the products and provided the flexibility to change the display as required.

“The brushed aluminium finish reflects the aesthetic of the bikes. We got ASI to produce the display cases for smaller items as well as the café kitchen fit-out and joinery.

“They also did the graphic walls in the Dyno-tune servicing facility, which features a window from the showroom so that customers can get a sense of what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Kristine Piggford also came up with the concept of a counter designed in the shape of a Ducati bike, which ASI then produced in a high gloss Ducati Red 2PAC finish, incorporating elements reminiscent of the bike, including the struts.

According to ASI, “Climb and Slatwall Thinline were selected as the ideal merchandising solution. Italian-designed and manufactured, they perfectly complemented the aesthetic of the store.”

“Discrete and minimalist in a brushed aluminium finish, these products allow maximum merchandise impact with minimum visual intrusion and maximum utilisation of space. Thinline was also perfect for the image panel that was required.”