Ashwood Bamboo Blinds  offer an exclusive range of blinds for customers to choose from. The blinds are classified under décor range, budget range, standard size, romans, roller blinds, and Venetians.

The décor range of blinds are future classified based on the material and its unique style. Timber blinds in a type of décor range available form Ashwood Bamboo Blinds, these timber blinds can be well stained, clear lacquered, natural. Timber blinds are also available in teak, golden oak, walnut or painted with any colour as per customer’s choice. Customers have to provide the colour and brand of their choice, if they want these blinds to be coloured. In timber blinds the type of styles available are roman, drape, springroller and roll up.

Brown Combi is another type of décor range of blinds from Ashwood Bamboo Blinds. The Brown Combi is made from a combination of materials like matchstick and bamboo stitched together, resulting in a striking feature of blinds. The Brown Combi filters the light and eliminates the sun glare, it can also be for daytime privacy. During night time the Brown Combi has the opposite effect, the privacy is eliminated when a light is on in the room.

Ashwood Bamboo Blinds also provides ½” natural bamboo another type of décor range. As bamboo can be used both internally and externally, it has an outer covering over its surface that enables it to withstand rain and sun. The bamboo blinds are cost effective. Matchstick is another type of décor range product from Ashwood Bamboo Blinds. The matchstick can be used as a light filtering material and is ideal for doors and windows overlooking pool and garden areas.

Matchstick from décor range are manufactured from selected bamboo matchsticks giving a natural look. The other products from décor range are white bamboo and tortoiseshell.