Ashwood Bamboo  Blinds is specialised in manufacturing bamboo and matchstick blinds. The budget range blinds from Ashwood Bamboo Blinds are cost effective and made into roll up style. The material has nylon cords, cotton stitching and sturdy locking pulleys.

Matchstick is a type of budget range blinds that can be made either with or without valance. Matchstick blinds without valance are made with a timber trim top and bottom and the pulleys which sit on cup hooks that’s attached to frameworks. Another type of budget range is the bamboo type that is made identical to the budget matchstick without valance.

Standard size blinds is a type of blinds available from Ashwood Bamboo Blinds. The standard size blinds comes in natural colour, cotton stitched, supported by a bamboo rod on top and bottom and sitting on cup hooks. The types of standard size blinds are matchstick, bamboo roll up, bamboo Romans, and timber Venetians.

The bamboo Romans blinds have 8mm slats which butt together, providing a light filtering material. As for timber Venetians, it comes in various sizes to suit every customer requirement.

Ashwood Bamboo Blinds Venetians style blinds. There are different types of Venetians blinds such as cedar Venetians, timberstyle Venetians, and aluminium Venetians. The timberstyle Venetians are made from polystyrene, it acts as a good insulator and provides total block out when needed. The aluminium Venetians are available in different colours, it is ideal for wet areas and can be used anywhere in house.