Ashington  has an effective team with experience in the property industry, property management and facilities management within the residential sector. This team works together to manage and facilitate site requirements, and covers all stages of the development cycle from construction through to completion, and on-going building management.

Ashington provides a wide range of management services with professional Senior Building Managers like Alan. He has been with Ashington since 2004 as a senior building manager, who provides management services to five Ashington properties. Alan is also responsible for providing an exceptional service to owners and tenants in each property.

Ashington also directly offers a broad range of leasing opportunities to customers that includes a combination of quality design, fine market dynamics, lifestyle locations, well-built infrastructure and in sought-after. Ashington aims at bringing disciplined investment approach as well as focuses in acquisitions and development methods in order to build business, deliver strong return to investors.

Financially Ashington focuses in achieving a profitable growth, increase the value of stakeholder and top quartile fund manager performance. Ashington uses world class research and delivers the project based on a standard that are yet to be experienced in Australian market. Ashington has effectively created as well as operated registered management investment schemes, syndicate properties, and wholesale development fund property.