AshBinz  offers ashtrays and ashbins in a wide range. AshBinz has a diverse knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and property management solutions. AshBinz offers a wide range of outdoor ashtrays that are especially designed to meet the requirements.

AshBinz offers stainless steel ashtrays which are easy to maintain. AshBinz offers three types of ashtrays. S200 model wall mounted ashtray that are ideal for rails, poles and wall mounted. S200 model wall mounted ashtray can hold nearly 200 cigarette butts and the butts extinguishes quickly because of minimal airflow.

AshBinz ashtrays model like B400 model wall mounted ashtray which can hold more than 400 butts. B400 model wall mounted ashtray consists of tamper proof lock and a “smokers please” message which encourages the cigarette butts only.

AshBinz ashtray model like A500 model promotion and advertising option wall mounted ashtray is ideal for promoting any event or business products. A 500 model consists of A4 facing allows to changing of advertisement easily.