AshBinz  offers a wide range of outdoor ashtrays. AshBinz ashtrays protect the enviroment and reduce the toxic litter pollution. More than 800 million cigarette butts were expected to be dropped in this year, which takes nearly five to ten years to degrade. Ultimately end up in the sea water causing hazardous chemical pollution to the marine life.

AshBinz protects the gardens, gutters and footpath from cigarette butts littering. AshBinz helps to protect the Clean Green Australian image. AshBinz has a wide knowledge of experience in manufacturing, marketing and vending, property management. AshBinz noticed the lack of outdoor ashbins so designed and developed a unique range of ashbins. Ashbins are manufactured with stainless steel body to be safe and environment friendly.

AshBinz offers three major models of outdoors ashtrays which include Model S200, Model B400 and Model A500 promotion/advertising option. Model S200 is very compact ideal for business office and residential use. Screws for mounting against wall, rail or post are available. It is made up of stainless steel which is durable and water resistant. The screws fitted are tamper proof and can be easily mounted against the wall. It can hold up to 200 cigarette butts and quick butt extinguishing due to less airflow. Model B400 has inner removable metal bin, easy to clean and can hold 400 butts. Model A500 promotion/ advertising options have space for placing advertisements which can be easily changed.