AshBinz  is a supplier of premium quality ashtrays in Australasia. AshBinz offers three types of ashtrays in convenient sizes which includes A500 model wall mounted promo ashtray, S200 model wall mounted ashtray and B400 model wall mounted ashtray.

Ashtrays from AshBinz are durable and resistant against weather. AshBinz ashtrays are made up of stainless steel which is made available in plenty of stock. AshBinz ashtrays are easy to secure against any pole or wall with simple screws. AshBinz offers outdoor ashtrays which saves money by minimal cleaning costs. AshBinz ashtrays have minimal airflow so butts are extinguished quickly. Ashtrays are provided with “Smokers Please” message on it which encourages cigarette butt usage only.

AshBinz ashtrays help to keep the environment clean. AshBinz offers ashtrays to a wide range of clients which includes shopping centres, local bodies, hotels, freight companies, back packers, motels, holiday parks, lodges, office buildings, hospitals, courts, libraries, sports facilities, industrial parks, cafes, homes, medical centres, restaurants, cleaning companies, banks, real estate, ships, funeral parlors, property companies and airports.