ASG Splashbacks  specialises in offering wall claddings, splashbacks and showerscreens. ASG Splashbacks offers splashbacks that are heat resistant, non porous, low maintenance, can be colour matched to any colour material or chart, all glass are made from toughened safety glass, all splashbacks are made up of crystal glass, etc

ASG Splashbacks offers innovative range of splashbacks and wall claddings with more than 50 years of glass experience. ASG Splashbacks offers splashbacks, wall claddings and shower screen in a wide range suitable for any specific requirements. Glass splashbacks are waterproof in nature and durability. Glass splashbacks are resistant against heat and are made of toughened safety glass.

ASG Splashbacks offers splashbacks made of toughened safety glass splashbacks which requires less maintenance and matches with other architectural finishes. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain against germs and bacteria. Glass splashbacks offers structural strength and reliability. Toughened glass splashbacks are more reliable when compared to other architectural finishes.