ASG Splashbacks  is a part of ASG Safety Glass and offers range of splashbacks and wall claddings. Splashbacks offered from ASG Splashbacks are durable and natural. It is made from heat resistant toughened safety glass splashbacks. The glass splashbacks from ASG Splashbacks can be cleaned and maintained easily. Toughened glass splashbacks are more reliable when compared to other architectural finishes.

Splashbacks from ASG splashbacks are manufactured according to the automotive standard, architectural standard and furniture glass standards. Glass solutions for residential and commercial purposes are also provided by ASG Splashbacks. ASG Splashbacks which is a division of ASG Safety Glass also offers pearlescent, metallic finishes and textured decorative coatings to the splashbacks.

ASG Safety Glass offers splashbacks with toughened safety glass and Krystal glass. The splashbacks offered by ASG are available up to 3600 millimeter length. The splashbacks are available in sleek, trendy and elegant colours. Splashbacks and wall claddings give stylish and spacious look to kitchens and bathrooms. The splashbacks and wall claddings are resistant to heat, mould and mildew and are non porous.