ASG Safety Glass  offers protector shield toughened glasses for various applications. ASG Safety Glass offers toughened glasses for architectural facades, marine, automotive, land transport, balustrades, doors and windows, Spandrels and solar control glass, kitchen splash backs and wall claddings, interior partitioning, louvres, structural assemblies, building entrances, frameless showerscreens, shopfitting and counters, tabletops, shelving and cabinet doors for furniture, vantiy and benchtops.

ASG Safety Glass offers high quality silver float mirrors which are lead free and U.V. Resistant. ASG silvered mirrors are produced by advanced mirror manufacturing technologies from Europe. It has U.V epoxy anti-corrosion layer beneath the silvering which provides more resistance against corrosion. ASG silvered glasses are lead and copper free and they are environmentally safe. Various models of ASG silvered glasses are available from ASG Safety Glass.

ASG Safety Glass provides architectural facades made of ASG protector shield safety glass, ideal for curtain walling and architectural glazing systems. ASG protector shield toughened glasses has all the benefits of the ordinary glass along with the resistance to thermal stress, strength and safety.

ASG protector shield toughened glass can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees. Toughened glass has 5 times more the strength compared to ordinary glass with same thickness.