ASG Safety Glass  offers a wide range of frameless showerscreens. Frameless shower screens from ASG Safety Glass are made from toughened safety glass. Frameless showerscreens eliminate metal frames and provide a clear view.

Frameless shower screens are made up of solid 10 to12 millimeter toughened safety glass and the edges are polished to provide the glass panel strong to use with minimal metal fixing to hold them in place. The frameless shower screens may need tightening of screws and oiling of hinges once a year.

ASG Safety Glass offers frameless shower screen panels in krystal toughened, clear toughened and watermark frosted translucent toughened glass. Textured coatings and colourback painted finishes for bathroom walls and custom made mirrors are also installed by ASG Safety Glass.

ASG Safety Glass offers fittings, standard hinges of varying size like 92 series chrome, 90 glass-to-glass hinges with reversible pivot made of solid brass. The latter product is ideal for 10 millimeter thick tempered safety glass. Bevel hinges and door knobs are also provided by ASG Safety Glass.