Asco Joucomatic  offers industrial products like fluid power applications and fluid control systems. Asco Joucomatic offers solenoid valves, sirai, combustion valves, pneumatic valves, pressure switches and numatics to name a few.

Asco Joucomatic provides combustion valves used for general controls for gas-and oil-fired heating systems. Asco Joucomatic offers combustion valves in broad variety of capacities, sizes, operating ranges and voltages.

Asco Joucomatic offers 2 way shut-off closed type and vent open type solenoid valves required for various applications, such as combustion systems to fuel gas services. Asco Joucomatic's products comply with the Australian Gas Standards for Automatic shut-off valves class 1 and class 3; and vent valves tested to AG214. Asco Joucomatic product line in fluid control systems are gas vent valves, oil shutoff valves, gas shutoff valves and hydramotor gas shutoff valves.

Asco Joucomatic offers a wide range of products for pneumatic control which include ¼ inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch openings for Asco Joucomatic's ISO size valves such as 1,2,3 and 4. Asco Joucomatic provides single and double action cylinders with varying bore diameters and stroke lengths that suit requirements. Air preparation equipment like regulators, filters and lubricators, complete with a range of tubings and fittings are also provided by Asco Joucomatic.