Asbestos Waterproof & Insulation Services  provides construction services like insulation services, protective coating, roof repairs and restorations, lagging, graffiti removal and prevention, pressure cleaning and concrete resealing.

Asbestos Waterproof & Insulation Services provides insulation services for reducing the heat out and heat in during seasonal changes. Asbestos Waterproof & Insulation Services offers insulation services and products and protective coatings with acoustic rating for noise reduction. Insulations are done on the walls, under the floors and in the roof cavity. Insulation can also be placed on the outer side of the roof frame prior to the attachment of the roof sheets.

Asbestos Waterproof & Insulation Services offers an innovative product, namely, the Air-cell which is a protective coating which has advanced thermal performance and provides the three in one benefits of insulation, protective vapour and radiant barrier. Air-cell is non-irritant, non-allergic and non-carcinogenic. It is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, resistant to insects and rodents, waterproof and complies with the Australian Standards.

Asbestos Waterproof & Insulation Services offers lagging process ideal for exposed pipes and ducts in the roof cavity and underground of commercial properties. The exposed pipes are insulated in order to maintain a cool touch and to prevent freezing of chilled water pipes. Lagging also endows buildings with sound proofing properties and is ideally used for generators and plant rooms with motors and fans.