An asbestos management plan clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of an organisation to reduce health risks from exposure to asbestos.

An asbestos management plan involves a systematic process to identify asbestos containing materials; assess the risk of asbestos; and control the risk of asbestos. 

Initial Asbestos Management

One should first engage an asbestos consultant to conduct an asbestos inspection to identify and confirm the location of asbestos containing materials. An initial risk assessment is then conducted to determine the likelihood of fibre release and may include quantitative air monitoring for high risk materials. The high risk situations may require initial control to manage the risk of exposure to occupants.

Ongoing Asbestos Management

Formal asbestos management plans are then required to cleanly identify the roles and responsibilities within the organisation and will generally include organisational responsibilities, health effects of asbestos, minimum legislative requirements, priority risk assessments, maintenance, removal, labelling, training, clearance certificates, emergency procedures, regular asbestos inspections, and review of the management process.

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