ASA Industry – Melbourne  provides engineering development and design services. These engineering development and design services include different types of PLC controllers. PLC controllers from ASA Industry – Melbourne include light controllers, elevators, lift controllers, dual pump controllers, street lighting control, heating control, alarm systems and technical monitoring systems. ASA Industry – Melbourne also designs economical systems like VSD, PLC and solar systems.

ASA Industry – Melbourne also provides consultancy, sale and designing services of power electronics like motor speed controllers, AC motors, DC motors, power and temperature controller motors. Digital system design from ASA Industry – Melbourne includes PLC and digital control, multi tasking process control, micro controller and embedded system designs.

ASA Industry – Melbourne offers these engineering development services at cost effective rates. These products have been manufactured according to industry standards and known for reliable as well as efficient operation. Various other design tools and products offered by ASA Industry – Melbourne include hydrostatic testing system and vibration testing systems. Various projects have also been accomplished by ASA Industry – Melbourne in various industries such as automotive industry, textile industry, medical science, electronics manufacturing and electrical appliance industry.