Arvin Technologies  explains the difference between conventional security systems and Arvin’s GSM wireless security alarm systems.

Arvin’s systems are an advanced range of GSM wireless security alarm systems engineered over a period of 10 years.

Being wireless, Arvin’s GSM security alarm systems need only a few accessories to be hardwired.  

The wireless technology gives Arvin’s systems a distinct advantage over competitor models as the GSM wireless security alarm systems can easily be moved from one place to another in no time.  

Key benefits of Arvin’s GSM wireless security alarm systems: 

  • User-friendly set-up and quick programming gets the system ready to function in minutes
  • Eliminates problems of conventional hardwired systems such as drilling holes as well as time-consuming installation and programming processes
  • GSM facility using a SIM card allows the system to continue operating even if the intruders cut the phone line  
  • System recognises and contacts programmed users via SMS to inform them about power outages and when the power is back