Artworks on Glass  is an ideal interior design concept using high definition photographic imagery for glass and acrylic surface applications.

Artworks on Glass has a wide range of applications ideal for designers, architects, shopfitters and the home renovators. Artworks on Glass provides customised imagery concepts for domestic and commercial markets.

Products and services:

  • Customised image concepts using personalised professional photo services
  • Stock photos library
  • A range of high definition photographic imagery concepts to enhance the marketing potential for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Design concepts with modern innovation techniques provide a new avenue of opportunity to stand out in the market place

Features of Artworks on Glass design concept include the following:

  • Permanent and Semi-permanent applications to accommodate seasonal change
  • Double sided view of imagery through finely calibrated degrees of filtered light (similar to stain glass effects)
  • Privacy and added security
  • UV durable imagery (non fade)
  • Self cleaning properties for easy maintenance
  • Customised imagery concepts from a large range of high definition stock photo artwork for glass and acrylic surfaces

Benefits of Artworks on Glass:

  • Space enhancement through visual design
  • Immediate ambience in the living space
  • Effect through high definition, high impact imaging
  • Exclusive custom image design to suit individual and marketing concepts
  • Creates immediate product enhancement