Artworkers Alliance  is a company that offers services and solutions related to art and artworks. Artworkers Alliance organises exhibitions on art, design and craft every two years. Some of the successful events include ARC Biennial 2005 and ARC Binennial 2007.

ARC Biennial 2005 was the inaugural event conducted as a three-day festival. It involved exhibiting and panel discussions and lectures on the celebration works of Queensland craft, art and design. ARC 2005 was held at Brisbane City Hall and other galleries throughout Brisbane. ARC 2005 provided a combination of craft, visual art and design as one program in the event. ARC 2005 featured exhibitions, forums, keynote lectures, international artists, writers and curators.

ARC 2007 was not only an exhibition, it also served as an opportunity to change the thought on design, visual art and craft. ARC biennial is a combined event featuring exhibition and symposium. ARC 2007 was held at the QUT Art Museum, Brisbane City. ARC 2007’s symposium program comprised of leaders from diverse fields who gave a presentation on topical issues and Australian arts. ARC 2007 upheld a wide view of the interrelationships between architecture, art, graphics, critical writing, fashion, furniture, craft, design, curating, film and new media.