Artrak Australia  offers curtain tracks, rods, fascias, bents, finials, mates and knobs in wide range and colours. Artrak Australia's curtain tracks are reliable, durable and are impressive products for engineers and architects. Curtain tracks from Artrak Australia are provided with heavy duty track systems, trouble free drapery tracks, adjustable metal tracks, ideal for all curves, bends and slopes.

Artrak Australia offers a wide range of curtain products and their accessories. Artrak Australia provides arched tracks for festoons, Austrian blinds and curtains. A number of knobs, finials and mates are available to suit any décor. Artrak framed gold rods, curved Artrak tiff rod, timber fascia, arched festoon, TopART timber fascias, bent Artraktiff rods and Top ART Valance are some of the innovative products of Artrak Australia.

Artrak Australia's curtain components have versatile brackets, free from rust and can be easily loosened and there is no jamming and rattles. Adjustable brackets, universal brackets and single brackets for right and left side of the applications are also available. Fitting the base of the bracket can be inverted or conventional. A600 base bracket is used for large protection till 23 centimetres of conventional and decorative tracks.