Artrak Australia  specialises in all aspects of curtain tracks and components, including curved and arched tracking systems. 

The following are some of the products and professional services offered by the company: 

  1. Artrak Curved Returns to Walls, custom made, these curved returns add a stylish look to the side of blinds or curtain returns. 
  2. Artrak Timber Fascias, are screwed to the front of Artrak’s tracks and finished with either mitred returns or matching knobs. Timber fascias feature a wide range of finishes or they can be also be supplied unpainted to be matched to any decor.
  3. Artraktiff decorator tracks come in nine colours, onto which Artrak mates (adapters) can be fitted. These adapters enable the attachment of all sorts of knobs to co-ordinate with other furniture and fixings.
  4. Artrak Flipper, designed to help balance curtain tracks which draw one way and leave a large gap at the opposite end. 
  5. Austrian decorative track bents for corner windows with bent back finishes.