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    Echo Eliminating Art, Acoustic panels designed as beautiful artworks to get rid of unwanted noise issues for Residential and commercial properties such as Home theatres, Restaurants & Conference rooms.

    ARToustic eliminates reverberation caused by hard surfaces while maintaining an esthetically pleasing look. Hidden behind a printed substrate ARToustic can be hung on the walls of Home Theatres, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, Meeting Places, Schools and anywhere where noise is an issue. Designed by an Artist who has established galleries within Australia and internationally.
    Adding porous materials to the room reduces the level of reflected sound thereby dampening the echo and reverberation in the room and making it easier to communicate. The problem here exists when trying to find an acoustic panel which is going to carry out its role effectively but also fit in with the aesthetics of the room or building.

    ARToustic panels have been created to fill this requirement and cleverly disguise acoustic panelling as artwork. This superb solution to echo and reverberation is great for areas where aesthetics is high priority.

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